Our Spring Competition Review

So Spring is over and we're all looking forward to the Summer shows!
It was a long and mostly wet Spring. Shows cancelled all over the country due to weather and poor ground conditions... all of which meant that we limited our diary down to the shows that held qualifiers or judging appointments. 

Easter UKA was (almost) a wash out due to the mud... but nice work from all dogs. Lucy & Baylee continued to proof their new running contacts with success, whilst Ollie & Thea achieved their first goal for the year and won the CSJ Grand Prix - qualifying for the Grand Finals 2018. 
Showing consistency in competition - specifically in those high pressure runs - Ollie & Thea went on to win the CSJ Grand Prix at LADS UKA a month later. 
At both Easter and GT May, Ollie ran in the Masters. Unfortunate mistakes in the agility rounds have stifled their success so far, but they demonstrated great skills in the Jumping rounds - just dropping a pole in each. 

Lucy & Baylee have perfected their running contacts. Both A-Frame and Dog Walk are consistent and super fast! So far, in competition this year, they have only missed two dog walks! Amazing for a pair that only began re-training contacts in February! They're still chasing that elusive UKA Clear Round to go Champ! 

May marked the start of our KC show season - a season that has begun with success for all!

Ollie & Thea qualified for the Novice Olympia Stakes Quarterfinals at Packington! This was the result they wanted most this year, and they achieved it first try! They also won the Adams Jumping qualifier the same day!

Lucy & Baylee followed that up a week later, putting in an amazing run in the Crufts ABC at Wye Valley - finishing 6th and gaining 5 points towards qualifying for the Semifinals at Discover Dogs. 

For Ollie, the Summer is now aimed towards preparing for KCI and chasing those UKA qualifiers. 
For Lucy, more ABC and Novice attempts are coming up and so they are training for more speed to accompany their accuracy is the focus.

Lucy & Ollie

Post-Comp Review - UKA Agility Antics

So we decided to go to Derby College for Agility Antics for a few reasons...

  • For Lucy & Baylee to gain some more points to advance to Champ ready for this year's Masters events;
  • For Baylee's new DW Contact to be tested in order to assess further training;
  • For Ollie & Thea to test their contacts in competition and to NFC when needed - though preferably whilst emulating a competitive run.

Well... we came, we saw, and we conquered (our goals)

Lucy went in needing 6 points in Games, 2 points in Agility, and 2 points from anywhere.
She left needing just 2 points in Agility - surpassing our hopes for this, our first UKA of 2018!
She and Baylee started the day off with a 3rd in Steeplechase, before tackling a tricky Agility course. With Lucy only just recovering from illness, her fitness wasn't quite up to the task of a fast and wide-open course design, though they had some lovely elements throughout. In the afternoon, they shined in their Jumping - winning the class and picking up their 2 "anywhere" points. With the pressure off, they attacked their final class of the day... Power & Speed Game. Their new DW Contact looked pretty good and paid off... with the training already correcting Baylee's old habit of not driving down the contact and jumping off sideways. They won their class, being the only dog to advance to the Speed section of the course! This gained their 6 Games points... leaving them in a good position to advance to Champ at Easter UKA next month. 

Ollie & Thea had a great run in the Champ Agility - winning the class convincingly, though Ollie wasn't necessarily happy with the contacts with regard to their Big Picture. This meant NFC in the Games. After two more runs (Steeplechase and Jumping) with Thea handling like a dream, the time neared for them to think about their training run. The problem with NFCs is two-fold - Thea is foot perfect when a toy is present and Ollie fails to run "competitively". Lucy, ever the bringer of good ideas, suggested she reward Thea's contacts whilst Ollie attacked them as if it were a normal run. As expected, Thea started off too fast and enthusiastic to hold her contacts. When corrected and brought around to the DW, the contact was perfect - and subsequently rewarded (much to Thea's delight) by Lucy's well placed throw of the toy. 
The whole experience pleased all involved. With Ollie hoping that Thea's "enthusiasm" can be controlled more often with these type of NFCs. 

Overall... it was a cold day. But weather aside, it was a fantastic day for Tatton's Tigers. 

Bring on the next show!

Ollie & Lucy.